Custom Coil Tattoo Machines from Hardcore Irons


We have a great selection of Liners and Shaders from Hardcore Irons Tattoo Machine Company.

Handmade in Switzerland, these custom tattoo machines are strong, solid and dependable. Guaranteed to Last 100 years with proper maintenance and care.


Hardcore Irons Tattoo Machine Company loves to produce quality tattoo machines, each one handmade with manual machining and good old handwork. Each machine is built from scratch, we cut each sideplate and do all the filing by hand. The tattoo frame hardware and handmade coils are made from premium materials, Brass, Iron, Copper and lots of love. Every machine built by Hardcore Irons has over 10 hours of craftmanship built into them, none being exactly identical.

Tattoo Machine Builders

Dave Holm and Mario Rottweiler  have a passion for building perfectly functioning tattoo machines, we are proud of the tattooing machines that we put in the hands of professional tattoo artists who many we call our close friends and colleagues. When you buy a machine from us you can rest easy being assured that when it`s time to get down and tattoo that our craftmanship has you backed up.

Check out the nice selection of machines available  from Hardcore Irons


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