Custom Handmade Coil Tattoo Machines

Lots of new coil tattoo machines from Hardcore Irons now available in the store… Pirate Packers & Hardcore Liners


Hardcore Irons has just dropped a bunch of new, handmade custom coil tattoo machines in the shop. Hardcore Tattoo Machines for outlining and packing in those colors. Solid Black Tattooing?, they have you covered too…

Custom Tattoo Machine Contact Screws

Tattoo Machine Contact Screw Dice

Contact Screws For Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machine Repairs

Tattoo Machine Repairs Reparaturen


Tattoo Machine Builders

Dave Holm and Mario Rottweiler  have a passion for building perfectly functioning coil tattoo machines, they are proud of the tattooing machines that they put in the hands of professional tattoo artists who many they call close friends and colleagues. When you buy a machine from Hardcore Irons you can rest easy being assured that when it`s time to get down and tattoo that their craftmanship has you backed up.

Hardcore Irons Tattoo Machine Company
Harley Project - Yellow Jacket Stinger - Coil Tattoo Machine Handmade Outliner - Hardcore Liner by Hardcore Irons


Custom tattoo machine handmade in Switzerland- Professional One Off


Custom Tattoo Machine Handmade - Outliner
MR Steel Hybrid- Custom Tattoo Machine - Pirate Packer
Pirate Packer Modified Owen Jensen Special Tattoo Machine
MR Brass & Steel - Hardcore Liner Custom Tattoo Machine Designed & built by Mario Rottweiller
MR Brass & Steel - Hardcore Liner Custom Tattoo Machine Designed & built by Mario Rottweiller
Pirate Packer - Custom Coil Tattoo Machine
Hybrid TC Hardcore Liner - Custom Tattoo Machine









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