“The Gnome” Tattoo Machine – Bad Ass Brass Series #7

CHF 350.00


“The Gnome”

Bad Ass Brass Series #7

Bad Ass Brass Series #7-The Gnome- Tattoo Machine made by Dave Holm- Hardcore Irons Tattoo Machine Company

“The Gnome” is #7 of the “Bad Ass Brass Series” custom tattoo machines made by Hardcore Irons in Switzerland. Every Brass sideplate in the “Bad Ass Brass Series” by Hardcore Irons Tattoo Machine Company is made from antique brass ornaments, each one being over 100 years old.


The “The Gnome” tattoo machine was built specifically for Outlining your tattoos, complimented by 8 wrap hand wound coils this beautiful machine weighs in at only 217g. Topped off with a white dice brass contact screw this speedy light liner is great for 5 needle groups up to 14 round liners.

“The Gnome” Tattoo Machine Technical Details

  • Metal materials; Brass, Steel, Iron
  • Weight; 244g
  • Built specifically for Outlining
  • Antique Brass Sideplate
  • 8 Wrap Coils – Pure Iron Cores – Handmade
  • Solid Steel Bottom Plate with Drop-down Vice
  • Custom Brass Contact Screw
  • Clear Protective Coating

Guaranteed to work 100 years with proper maintenance!


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